It’s been way too long

We got out. We have a place. We’ve been there about a month. We’re waiting for antimother to gather the last of our things and put them outside. That’s the short version. The longer version, while difficult to remember all of, left us unsafe. After much tension, when we went to get the last of […]

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We’re almost out!

We just have to finalize the process but we’re almost out! We’ve already started packing, and we got some stuff into storage yesterday. Of course antimother and fuckboy tweaker are moving in I think today, but whatever. If they pull anything I’ll just call the cops. I’m not playing their stupid game. I’m too old […]

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I’m still alive

I’ve had no energy and no motivation lately, because this whole thing is just grinding me into dust. But I come bearing good news! We’re starting the process of getting out! The problem is antimother has to give us a reference. But I think she’ll give us a good review, because the other person we […]

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